Learn How to Target Passive Income in Real Estate - Without Flipping Properties!
Did you know that nearly 90% of millionaires made their money through investing in real estate? 

And chances are that you've heard stories or maybe even know somebody who's been wildly successful in real estate investing.

Maybe you've wondered "why not me?" but the thought of fixing and flipping properties was just too much to take on.

But what if you could take advantage of the growth in real estate, without picking up a hammer?

We'll now's your chance, through Heather Dreves' new book "Money Multiplied." 
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It All Starts With A Simple Decision To Take that First Step
About the Author—Heather Dreves

Heather Dreves, Director of Funding and Fund Manager for Secured Investment Corp, has worked in the Private Money Industry for over 16 years. Heather has been directly involved in the sale of over 300 million dollars in Trust Deed Mortgages and funds raised in SIC’s High Yield Equity Funds. 

Heather works with clients to target passive returns in real estate, managing Secured Investment's High Yield Fund II, the Circle of Wealth Fund III LLC, and Mortgage Notes Investing.

In addition to her writing, Heather is a coveted speaker at lending and real estate investing conferences nationwide.

Heather speaking at the 2021 National Lending Experts conference
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Poor People Perpetually Say, "I Can’t." 
Rich People Habitually Say, "How Can I?"
When you apply what you learn from this book, it can be your path to a better life too.
Learning how to broker private money deals is only the beginning.  

Learn how to take advantage of Secured Investment Corp's, "Circle of Wealth" Network.  This simple business model teaches and mentors those new to real estate investing. People who thrive using proven methods (like those found in this book) are supported by other motivated and successful investors who are willing to mentor, help, and give back.

Now you can join them in what might be the greatest opportunity that may ever come your way!

Inside Money Multiplied, you'll discover...
  • How to target passive income through brokering private loans. Spoiler alert! It's not by using your own money.
  • ​How to protect wealth from inflation and risk by investing in real estate.
  • Learn about other passive income instruments, such as real estate funds and mortgage notes.
  • ​How to gain wealth and help others do the same.
  • ​And much, much more...
Take Advantage of Targeting Passive Returns in Real Estate by Taking One, Small Step
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